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Explore Springbrook

Springbrook National Park has an area of 366 507ha; 59 223ha and forms part of the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia World Heritage.

It represents a major stage of the earth’s evolutionary history, is an outstanding example of ongoing ecological and biological processes and contains the most important natural habitats for conserving biological diversity. At some time these sub-tropical rainforests were probably the most extensive rainforests in Australia and now contains the world’s most extensive subtropical rainforest and nearly all of the world’s Antarctic beech cool temperate rainforest.

A haven containing more frog, snake, bird and marsupial species than anywhere else in Australia. Springbrook is a home for many rare and threatened plants and animals and ancient life forms.

Cool rainforests with fresh mountain streams, eucalypt forests, picnic grounds and an extensive walking track system await the visitor to Springbrook Plateau.

Magnificent panoramic views may be gained from many vantage points on the plateau. Lookouts providing safe viewing are easily accessible by car or a short walk. Springbrook National Park has many extensive walking tracks which vary in length and difficulty. Some are only a few hundred meters and some more than 16 kilometers.

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